Degree Programs

Loyola professor writing notes on a whiteboard in a theory/composition class

New Orleans is truly a city that brings music to life, combining the old with the new. Today, Loyola students keep the tradition of rich musical history alive by performing on the same stages as many legendary musicians who paved the way for American music. Become part of the tradition. 

Undergraduate Majors

Bachelor of Music (B.M.): Performance

Bachelor of Music (B.M.)


Bachelor of Arts in Music (B.A.)
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Bachelor of Music Therapy (B.M.T.)
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Bachelor of Music Education (B.M.E.)
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Undergraduate Minors

The College of Music and Media offers undergraduate minors Music and Jazz Studies for students pursuing other academic majors. Our minors are excellent for students with an active music background interested in continuing their studies and private lessons. 

Certification-Only Programs

  • Alternative Music Teacher Certification Instrumental Music
  • Alternative Music Teacher Certification Vocal Music

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Graduate Degrees