Two Loyola Alumni perform at the Metropolitan Opera in October 2016

Loyola College of Music and Media graduates Bryan Hymel and Angela Mannino starred in productions at the Metropolitan Opera in October in performances of Rossini’s Guillaume Tell and L’Italiana in Algeri respectively within one week of each other. 

Tenor Bryan Hymel made his debut at the Metropolitan Opera in 2012 and has returned several times since.  During the 2016 season he was cast as Arnold in the first production of Rossini’s Guillaume Tell in 80 years at the Metropolitan Opera.  This role is among the most high-flying tenor roles in the French operatic tradition, and it is difficult to cast.  Mr. Hymel has made this repertoire one of his specialties.  After his opening night, The New York Times reported, “Bryan Hymel brings youthful impetuosity and impressive vocal stamina to the part…his top notes have ping. And Mr. Hymel dispatched with exciting fervor the brilliant cabaletta in Act IV… nailing all the high C’s.” 

Soprano Angela Mannino made her debut at the Metropolitan Opera in 2010.  In October of this year she was cast as a cover (understudy) in Rossini’s L’italiana in Algeri in the role of Elvira.  Angela went on to sing this role on October 12th and October 15th. The October 12th performance was broadcast live via SiriusXM radio.  Angela’s most amazing memory from this experience happened on the day of her first performance in this role.  While in her dressing room she received a call from Maestro James Levine, longtime music director of the Metropolitan Opera, who wanted to know if she needed anything (musically) from him.  This was an amazing moment indeed because she had James Levine, someone respected and cherished by all of the opera world, calling to ask what he could do to make her job easier.