Six alumni are fulfilling their musical dream as "The Blue Party"

Natalie Mae ’09 is a soulful Americana/folk vocalist with a fiddle in tow. She shares lead vocals with guitarist/songwriter Reid Martin ’09Alex Bachari ’09 plays guitar with George Stathakes ’09 (who also shares vocals and plays the Bouzouki and the Papoose). T. ’09 plays bass guitar (and commands the kitchen in his spare time according to his band mates), and Ross McIntire ’09plays drums.

The Blue Party sparked a fire in the Loyola community by branding themselves as a house party band. If you provided the venue, they provided a show. The Blue Party played the New Orleans festival circuit, house parties, and local venues for a year before traveling across country with their act. Three years later, the band now celebrates a fan-funded debut album and an audience of thousands spanning the South and Midwest.

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