Alana Seaton, M.M.T. '02, board certified music therapist, hired by Knoxville Symphony Orchestra

The Knoxville Symphony Orchestra is pleased to announce the hiring of Music Therapist Alana Dellatan Seaton. Beginning February 14, 2013 her duties will include creating patient music therapy plans and working with musicians as part of the KSO’s award-winning Music & Wellness program.

Alana Dellatan Seaton is a Board Certified Music Therapist with a Master’s degree in Music Therapy and a Bachelor’s degree in Music and Psychology. She has ten years of clinical experience in facilitating individual and group music therapy sessions, treatment planning and treatment team collaborations. She has managed her own private practice in both New Orleans and in Knoxville over the past ten years.  Her expertise includes designing, launching, and implementing music therapy programs in various settings.

Piloted in 2004, the program brings the healing powers of music to more than 6,000 patients, staff and visitors in area hospitals annually. The KSO was one of just 22 American orchestras to receive a first-year Getty Education and Community Investment Grant in 2012. Receiving this grant allows the KSO to support the addition of a part-time Music Therapist and will enrich the standard of care provided for individual patients and staff through the program.

“This is an exciting time for our program. We are so proud of the work that our musicians have done in determining how music can benefit patients, visitors and staff in healthcare settings.  The addition of a music therapist to the program provides the next step in individual patient care.  The KSO hopes to serve as an advocate to encourage music therapy programs for hospitals and healthcare facilities all across our region.  This important integrative medicine strategy benefits many patients in other areas of our country and the world and we are honored to pioneer music therapy for East Tennessee.” says Director of Education & Community Partnerships, Jennifer Barnett.