Music from the Heart: A Biological Theory of the Origins of Music Expression

Dr. John Kratus
Tuesday, November 13, 2018 - 5:30pm
Nunemaker Auditorium

Dr. John Kratus, presents a lecture as part of the the 11th Annual Music Education Lecture Series. Dr. Kratus is a Visiting Professor of Music Education at the University of Southern Florida and Professor Emeritus of Music Education at Michigan State University. The mission of the Music Education Lecture Series has been to enrich the intellectual and cultural life of Loyola University students, faculty, the university community, and music teachers in the Greater New Orleans community at large by bringing distinguished individuals in the music education profession to campus for presentations on specialized subjects. In recent years, the series has grown to bring music education scholars in residence.

Have you ever wondered why people are drawn to music and respond to certain music emotionally? For over 2,000 years, philosophers have tried to unravel the mysteries of music’s hold over human imagination and feelings. The answer may lie in the one musical experience that every person on earth has in common.

Join visiting professor Dr. John Kratus for an ear-opening presentation as he explains his theory of musical expression, combining research in pre-natal functioning, brain scans, anthropology, linguistics, musicology, and popular music. 

Event is free and open to the public.