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The School of Communciation and Design is proud to announce that the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications (ACEJMC) voted 28 to 0 to make Loyola the second Jesuit institution to hold ACEJMC accreditation. Loyola is now the first Jesuit institution to hold both ACEJMC accreditation and the Certification in Education for Public Relations (CEPR). Loyola New Orleans is also the first school in the state of Louisiana to have both ACEJMC accreditation and CEPR.

ACEJMC is the agency responsible for the evaluation of professional journalism and mass communications programs in colleges and universities. The Public Relations Society of America conducts a similar review for the CEPR.

ACEJMC and CEPR require the university to provide an extensive self-study report based on the standards set by the organizations. They then send representatives from both organizations to evaluate compliance on all standards.  Provided below is the ACEJMC Self-Study Report.


2019 ACEJMC Self-Study

Part I — General Information

Part II — Supplementary Information

Standard 1 — Mission, Governance and Administration

Standard 2 — Curriculum and Instruction

Standard 3 — Diversity and Inclusiveness

Standard 4 — Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty

Standard 5 — Scholarship: Research, Creative and Professional Activity 

Standard 6 — Student Services

Standard 7 — Research, Facilities and Equipment

Standard 8 — Professional and Public Service

Standard 9 — Assessment of Learning Outcomes


2019 CEPR Self-Study




SECTION A. Information about the school 

SECTION B. Information about the program 

SECTION C. Information about the resources of the program 

SECTION D. Information about professional affiliations 

SECTION E. Information about the curriculum

SECTION F. Information about the faculty

SECTION G. Preferred site visit dates 

APPENDIX A. Senior Exit Survey

APPENDIX B. University Exit Survey

APPENDIX C. SMC Alumni Survey

APPENDIX D. Capstone Rubric 


APPENDIX F. Ethics Test 

APPENDIX G. Portfolio Instrument 

APPENDIX H. Internship Evaluation