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Most of these processes can be completed with a detailed email message, which should be sent from a Loyola account.  In those cases, please make sure all the relevant information is present and clear.  The student’s name and ID number should be given in the subject line, along with the basics of the request.

Example:  Iggy Loyola, 0312345, Adding Art History minor

Example:  Elizabeth Bennett, 0312346, Withdrawing from course

Most of the time, those messages should be directed to the following person:

Ms. Carmen Balthazar ( for students in the School of Music and Theatre Professions

Ms. Laura Jayne ( for students in the School of Communication and Design

Where forms are needed, please fill them out electronically where possible.  If that’s not possible, please write neatly, then either scan or take a picture (both sides where applicable).  Attach the form (or images) to your message.

Where an item needs approval (whether a signature or an e-mail acknowledgement), send to ALL the parties (including yourself and the final recipient/s) in a single message, and ask them to give their approval electronically via the email.

You can find basic information about academic programs and regulations in the University Bulletin.  Note that you are usually governed by the Bulletin of the year you began at Loyola, so you may need to go to the Bulletin Archive to find the information you need.

Other useful contacts:

Office of the Registrar: or call (504) 865-3237 

Financial Aid: or call (504) 865-3231

Student Financial Services: email: or call (504) 865-3337. Book an appointment

Office of Accessible Education

Student Success Center

Loyola Faculty and Staff Directory

CMM Faculty and Staff (bios and contact information)

Change Major

Fill out the form at the Student Records site or send a message to  Students with a cumulative GPA below 2.0 may not change to a major in another college unless they have permission from the associate dean of that college.  

Add (or Drop) a Minor or Second Major

Send a message with the details of the minor or major you wish to add or drop, following the instructions at the top of this page.  You will usually be assigned an advisor for that new minor/major; until that happens, you may use the department chair or program director as a resource.

Register for 21 Credits or More

First, discuss the matter with your advisor.  If your advisor approves, then write a brief rationale for the request, along with your name, ID, and the title and complete number of the section you wish to add that would put you at or above 21 credits.  Send it to your advisor, who will then forward it (with endorsement) to the associate dean.  If approved, you will be registered in the section.

Note that above 23 credits you will be required to pay additional tuition.  

Request to Take Consortium Courses (Tulane, Dillard, or Xavier)

Bulletin information (with request form)

Permission to Take Courses (at Another University)

Please read the entire policy before submitting the form, following the instructions at the top of this page.

Permission for Away Courses Form

Independent Study

The following form should be completed by the student, in conjunction with the faculty advisor and the faculty member who will direct the independent study.  It must be accompanied by a syllabus, which must make clear how the grade will be determined.  The completed form should be sent by the faculty member or the department chair or director to the associate dean for approval, after which the section is created and the student is registered.

Independent Study Form 

Course Withdrawals

Click here to check the Academic Calendar for all withdrawal dates and deadlines 

To withdraw from a single course, fill out the Single Course Withdrawal Form (Word, 35 KB).  Either take a hard copy to get the necessary signatures, or send an electronic copy to

  • the instructor
  • your advisor, program head, or director, as appropriate
  • Ms. Carmen Balthazar (for SMTP students) or Ms. Laura Jayne (for SMTP students)
Course Substitution 

Access form here 

*please note, your Advisor will have to sign this form, all other sections are fillable online*

When course content of two courses is not equal, a substituting course may be used to meet a requirement. The substitution must meet the content and/or spirit of the requirement. Waiving a required course does not reduce the amount of credits required for completion of the degree program.

Request for an Incomplete

Please read the entire policy before downloading and completing the form linked there.  The form must include the work to be completed, and the completion date.  Submit your completed form to the instructor, who will send it to the student’s associate dean.   

Application for Academic Amnesty

Please read the entire policy before downloading the form linked there.  The form must be signed by the associate dean, and the director of the University Honors Program if applicable.

Grade Appeals

Please read the entire policy before downloading the form linked there.  The form may be submitted to the associate dean up to 30 days after the beginning of the following semester.

Study Abroad Applications

You should discuss your intent to study abroad well in advance with the Center for International Education, as well as with your advisor.  The Center for International Education will help you complete the necessary form, which will need to be signed by your major advisor, your dean’s office (Carmen Balthazar for SMTP students, Laura Jayne for SCD students), and others as needed.

University Withdrawals & Leaves of Absence

Please read the entire policy first:

You may make your request by a message from your Loyola account, following the instructions at the top of this page; please also copy your advisor.  State clearly whether you intend to withdraw from the University or to take a leave of absence.  If taking a leave of absence, make clear whether you wish to withdraw from the current semester’s classes or begin the leave after the semester is complete, and state the semester in which you plan to return.  Note that there are special requirements for a medical withdrawal, which go through the Director for Counseling and Health Services.

Change of Grades

For faculty only!  Note that the deadline to change a grade is six weeks into the following semester.  In cases where a grade should be changed (including changing an I or IP to a permanent grade), the instructor (or chair/director) should send to the associate dean this form, with the following information:

  • the student’s name and ID number
  • the section number for the course and the semester
  • the old grade and the new grade
  • the reason for the grade change 

Last updated: Aug 31, 2023