Visiting Committee

A view of the Loyola Communcations/Music complex from St. Charles Avenue.

The College of Music and Media Visiting Committee serves as a service organization of the college.

Visiting Committee members assist the dean, faculty, and students in maintaining the quality and excellence of the college; advise and assist the dean and faculty in interpreting the mission, programs, accomplishments, needs, and aspirations of the college to its alumni, friends, and music professionals across New Orleans, the state, and nation; strive to strengthen ties between the college and its constituencies, particularly with regard to professional faculty development and student internships and employment; advise and assists the dean and faculty with development and fundraising activities on behalf of the college; assist in the enhancement of the Loyola Collection; and serve as an advocate for the college.

College of Music and Media Visiting Committee

  • Asciolla Rosa c/o 2008
  • Brown Christopher c/o 2014
  • City Zontre c/o 2021
  • Cummings Lily c/o 2020
  • Dabney-Henderson Shaneika c/o 2000
  • Esparros Keith c/o 1981
  • Fisher Terry c/o 1976
  • Fulford Schmidt Amy c/o 2001
  • Handal Betsy c/o 1993
  • Joseph Givonna c/o 1980
  • LeBlanc Anthony c/o 2001
  • Lococo Vincent c/o 1990, 1993
  • Mahoney Maureen c/o 2005
  • McDuffie Laura June c/o 1989
  • Mize Ranney 
  • Saleem Samia c/o 2004
  • Saloy Chimene c/o 1990
  • Serio Sherry c/o 1996
  • Shabankareh Ashley c/o 2012
  • Wainwright Kacy (Parent)
  • Wick Reid c/o 1995
  • Woodward Scott MBA 1987
  • Saferstein Rachel c/o 2015