School of Communication and Design

Tell Stories Like Never Before

However you want to tell your story, the Loyola School of Communication & Design can help you find your voice.

  • Our students practice everything from social media to painting to interactive design and filming with drones.
  • This well-rounded background makes alumni more versatile and marketable for careers in the digital age.

Degree Programs


Loyola is the only Jesuit institution and the only institution in New Orleans to offer a professional degree in design. Discover your design potential while exploring solutions to real world problems. Develop your talents through wide-ranging internships. You’ll be ready for a career in the ever-changing world of design.
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Filmmaking is storytelling and your passion drives you to share your story. In Loyola’s hands-on Digital Filmmaking program, you make movies from day one. We are planted in the heart of Hollywood South, where major films work day and night both on and off campus.
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Whether you want to write for television, traditional news sites, or focus on multimedia, at Loyola you’ll make your voice the future of journalism. The College Media Association ranks our campus newspaper, The Maroon, the #1 media outlet in the country. The Princeton Review has ranked The Maroon in the top ten newspapers in the United States.
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Advertising & Public Relations 

You’re an influencer. You want to change minds, inform decisions, manage crises or shape conversations. Loyola’s hands-on approach encourages people like you: the strategists, the researchers, the planners, the doers, the fixers. Our students win national competitions and our alumni work at major corporations. Here, you'll learn how to build campaigns and put those skills to the test for real clients like Nissan, J.C. Penney, Jimmy Choo, Pizza Hut, Ocean Spray, and national and local nonprofits.
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Visual Communication

The world around us is an ever-changing picture. As society faces so much change at the hands of technology, we need thinkers ready to refine that image for us. A Visual Communication degree will prepare you to be an advertising creative director, brand strategist, videographer, photographer and more. We will teach you to introduce a brand or issue in a relevant way and promote it through the lens of a global camera.
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    Part of the College of Music and Media

    • Your classmates will be musicians, actors, dancers, singers, artists, filmmakers, journalists, designers and future public relations and marketing experts. 
    • You will explore and learn from the city of New Orleans, an internationally known diverse community for creative professions.
    • At CMM, you’ll develop your creativity and witness the impact of your ideas on other people and on your community.

    Loyola School of Communication and Design
    College of Music and Media