Music Education Recital: Taylor Mennenga

Thursday, March 21, 2024 - 7:30pm
Roussel Hall

This recital is a music education recital that covers the topic of collaborating with others. Works that will be featured are Aaron Copland’s “Concerto for Clarinet”, Libby Larson’s “Corker”, Felix Mendelssohn’s “Konzertstück No.2 Op.114” and Mel Powell’s “Clarinade”. 

Featured musicians on this recital include:

- Will Weber: Percussion

- Aiden Hart: Piano

- Ryan Kapsandy: Bassoon

- Jazz Seals: Alto Saxophone

- Will Green: Tenor Saxophone

- Zac Bronson: Tenor Saxophone

- Willa Rudnick: Bari Saxophone

- Jake Lodato: Trombone

- Josh Korn: Trombone

- Patrick Jimmerson: Trombone

- Brady McKnight: Bass Trombone

- Ryan Kuhn: Trumpet

- Anna Hills: Trumpet

- Aiden Keller: Trumpet

- Ella Touchstone: Trumpet

- Izzy Chase: Piano

- Austin Herbert: Upright Bass

- Skylar Phillips: Guitar