Common Registration Issues


During registration you will not be allowed to register with any type of registration hold.  Please check your LORA account for holds on your record and contact the appropriate office to resolve.

Financial Hold
Students with a financial block will NOT be allowed to register until they have satisfied their financial obligations to the university. Promissory notes are not an option. You can view your current billing account through LORA on Account Summary.

Health Hold
If you have not submitted your state required immunization forms to Student Health, you will not be allowed to register.

Student Records Hold
If you are on an approved Leave of Absence, prior to returning to the university you must sign a document stating that while you were away you were not charged with any misdemeanors, been arrested or incarcerated. Additionally, you must state whether or not you attended another school while away.  Upon receipt of this document, your hold will be reviewed and removed, if appropriate. This form will be sent to you prior to registration.

For any other holds, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs


If a course is closed you may be allowed to register with a New Seat Card. Obtain a New Seat Card from our online forms section. The appropriate signatures must be obtained. Email the form and the student copy of your signed Course Request Form with you to the Office of Student Records  on or before the last day of late registration.  NOTE:  New seat cards will not be processed until the Friday before classes begin

New Seat Card Form (Signatures Required) 


If you request such a section and the section is closed, you have the option of being placed on a wait list. You are placed on the wait list in the order of your request.  If a seat becomes available and you are next on the list, you will be added to the course.

You cannot wait list for one section of a course and be registered in a different section, nor can you wait list for multiple sections of the same course, nor can you be waitlisted for a course that conflicts with another.  

FOR FALL '20: you will not be able to enroll and/or wait list over the # of hours your program allows you to schedule.  For example, if  you are authorized to take up to 20 hours, you cannot enroll in 18 hours plus 3 hours of wait listed courses.  This would put you at 21 hours.