The advertising track at Loyola University New Orleans is perfect for students who want to channel their creative energy into dynamic and persuasive campaigns.  The program offers a strong foundation in research methods and copywriting as well as giving students hands-on experience with innovative technology. Our advertising graduates are recognized by the industry for their sharp strategic minds and keen eye for design. Contact the department chair, Dr. Álvaro Bootello, at for more information. 

The advertising track includes the following curriculum:

Required courses:

  • CMMN A260 Introduction to Layout & Design
  • CMMN A310 Advertising
  • CMMN A313 Media Planning
  • CMMN A326 Research in Advertising and PR
  • CMMN A336 Strategic Content Creation
  • CMMN A486 Brand Lab or A415 Advanced Ad Campaigns


Choose three of the following:

  • CMMN A265 Photography

  • CMMN A266 Videography

  • CMMN A316 Public Relations
  • CMMN A335 Strategic Event Planning and Promotions
  • CMMN A356 Sports Communication
  • CMMN A357 Sports Promotion
  • CMMN A360 Advanced Layout & Design
  • CMMN A380 Donnelley Center for Nonprofit Communication
  • CMMN A382 Social Media Strategies
  • CMMN A410 Nonprofit Communications
  • CMMN A455 Media & Gender
  • CMMN A400 Theories of Mass Communication
  • CMMN A475 Environmental Communication 

Communication majors are limited to 40 credit hours in mass communication courses. A grade of C or better is required in all courses that are prerequisites to advanced courses.