What is Design?

Two boxes, one that says pomegranate and the other says blueberry. Healthy food for you to eat.

Design is everywhere. It's what's driving whole business culturesIt is also a creative career that finally rewards you for all those doodles you did in class.

Design is basically a visual problem solving method that uses text and/or graphical elements with the goal being to create something that is pleasing to the eye and grabs the attention of the viewer. In order to do this, things must work well and not just look "cool." It is also the process of combining text and graphics in a way that communictes an effective message. This is typically accomplished by use of a desktop publishing software and various techniques to achieve these goals.

What do designers do?

Most people can name a few things that designers do on a day to day basis but many may be surprised at the broad scope of work that is covered by this career.

Designers create many things including: brochures, posters, magazine covers and layouts, tickets, business cards, T-shirts, signs, logos, book layouts (typesetting), digital and print advertisements, websites, CD covers, DVD elements, internet banners, flash animation, web interfaces, app interfaces, presentations and so much more.

Design and the client

Good design begins with the needs of the client. No design, no matter how beautiful and ingenious, is any good if it doesn't fulfil the client's need. Finding out what the client wants is the first stage of what designers do. The designer then builds on the results of that inquiry with a mixture of creativity and insight. 

So what can you expect in the job market?

Some employers will have a very specific and narrow job descriptions, and some will want you to do a handle a variey of duties. Often, an in-house graphic designers (meaning a non-design company will hire someone to do their graphic design rather than work with an outside company) will have the most diverse job duties of all designers. They might be expected to create websites, brochures, a poster for an upcoming event, advertisements, and powerpoint presentations. A designer hired by an creative agency may have a more focused job description, specializing in one area over another. 

Design and business

Designers, unlike artists, can't simply follow their creative impulses. They work in a commercial environment which means there is a huge number of considerations that come into play during the design process. Designers have to ask themselves questions such as: Is this design conveying the correct message? Will it cost too much to produce? Is it meeting the client's needs? Are the goal(s) being met?

Characteristics of designers

Design is a very exciting career because you are often working with cutting edge technology, using your creativity, and having fun while doing it. If you pay attention to details, are patient and creative, and like solving problems, then design might be the path for you.