Theatre News

Ethan Labourdette (BA '11) was cast in a production of Agatha Christie's The Verdict with The Heights Players in New York City.

Written by Diana Mirfiq

April 5, 2013


Written by Aaren Gordon

April 5, 2013


Written by Diana Mirfiq

Fibruary 28, 2013


Bourbon Street is coming to Loyola with a 1960’s twist.

James McBride (BA '12) is the 2012/2013 Artistic Apprentice at Hartford Stage, where he has worked on several projects including the world premiere

On TV, Brian has appeared on Delocated (Adult Swim) and Guiding Light (CBS), with roles in the independent films Greetings From Bushwick, Amber Dre

Mike O’Connell, ’98, is making big laughs in Los Angeles.

Mary Beth Kratky, ’07, resides in Los Angeles.

Brian Treitler, '08, recently booked and filmed an episode of HBO's Big Love. Brian is in the 8th episode of the season, which will probably air so