Theatre News

Loyola University New Orleans’ Department of Theatre Arts and Dance kicked off the 2019-2020 season this month, with new leadership under C.

Bryan Batt never thought he would leave New Orleans.

As a stouthearted, stolid soldier, she’s slaughtered countless rotting, biting and creeping  zombies.

The Loyola Department of Theatre Arts and Dance welcomed Dr. Jamie Hipp to the Senior Colloquium course. Dr.

Kaleb Babb, a 2013 graduate from the Theatre Arts & Dance Department, has gone on to specialize in wardrobe management, production design, and

Brian Schrader, a Loyola Theatre graduate, is currently in his seventh year with TROIKA Entertainment overseeing both domestic and international to

Loyola Theatre Alum Named Chapter Director of Louisiana Thespian Festival

Emma Schillage graduated less than six months ago from Loyola University Department of Theatre Arts & Dance.

On October 25th, Loyola will host the first meeting of an exciting, new Improv Troupe.

There is a reason the saying goes “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” We as a collective society need to stop relying on the recycle part.