Theatre Arts and Musical Theatre

Realize your stage dreams, whether you’re on it or behind it.

What better starting place for your theatre career than the place that draws on the Jesuit legacy that began the careers of legendary dramatists like Molière, Voltaire and Calderón de la Barca? Loyola New Orleans has the added benefit of being in a highly creative, arts-focused community with a wide range of performing opportunities. Sure, you’ll take a comprehensive theatre curriculum including performance skills, musical theatre, dramatic literature, history and theory, theatre management, theatrical technology, and design. But you’ll also get to step into the spotlight or behind the stage.

The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts and Musical Theatre is an undergraduate degree building upon the liberal arts foundation of the theatre arts major by combining it with intensive training in acting, vocal performance, and dance.

Immerse yourself in the role of a lifetime.

Once you’ve auditioned and been accepted, you may find yourself honing your craft at a local theatre through an internship or studying abroad. You’ll have exposure to casting directors, production managers and other theatre professionals through student forums.