Message from the Chair

Dear Friends,

Our Theatre family is a circle of strength and love. Every crisis faced together makes the circle stronger—and here's why. 

We were scheduled to open the highly-anticipated musical Cabaret (see articles and videos below) on March 20, directed by Broadway, Television, & Film Star, Bryan Batt, and his husband, Tom Cianfichi. When the news broke that Loyola was moving to online learning, Loyola's Department of Theatre Arts & Dance did the impossible!

We were a week and a half from opening night when we received word that all public events were cancelled. I knew that I could not just tell the cast and crew it was over, after weeks of rehearsals. So, I contacted the entire department and told everyone to be at the theater for one final 7:00 PM curtain.

What happened next made my heart smile. With just a few hours notice, the technical director, costume, lighting, set designers, and the entire theatre family worked non-stop to curtain and made the show happen. And at 7:00 in Marquette Theater, the cast of Cabaret took the stage! 

The cast and crew had an opening night to end all opening nights. It was MAGIC that night in the theater, and the energy elevated everyone who was there. It was more than just a testament to the dedication across our department, it spoke directly to our Loyola family - the most loving and compassionate people (students/faculty/staff) who truly care about each other and the entire community. 

I just wanted to remind you of what a special place this is (even when the odds are against us).

And remember...

The show must go on,

C. Patrick Gendusa


Cabaret Promo Video:  

Please see below and attached for a special message for TAD from ALAN CUMMING!!!!