Loyola Alumna Amy Arpan: Story of survival

‘It’s powerful medicine to know there are great people out there in the world,’ says the actor.

Aid recipient: Amy Arpan is an actor and fight/circus choreographer who most recently appeared as Mme De Volange in Miners Alley Playhouse’s 2017 production of “Les Liaisons Dangereuses.” She is also the owner and principal performer at Amy Arpan’s Illusions And Confusions. She is the sister of area actor, director and choreographer Piper Arpan,

Her medical story: Amy recently had to go through a difficult emergency surgery at Denver Health. Despite having (lousy) insurance, Amy has been led to believe that her patient responsibility for the surgery could eventually run to upward of $32,000. The first bill Amy has received covers the services of the four individual specialists who participated in her surgery. Insurance covered about 40 percent, leaving Amy with an actual amount due of $2,846. She and her husband, Chris Morrison, are afraid this is just the start of the bills, but that will make itself known in time.

How we have helped: The Denver Actors Fund board has paid the full amount of the initial hospital bill, or $2,846. Amy’s case is considered ongoing for further consideration if or when additional bills become due. Targeted donations from you totaling $175 have brought the total amount of support we have made available to Amy to $3,021.

How you can help us help Amy more: If you would like to direct a specific donation to help give Amy more financial breathing room, simply mail checks in any amount made out to Denver Actors Fund (with Amy Arpan’s name written in the topic field), to P.O. Box 11182, Denver, CO 80212. Or use this donation link. If you use the online option, be sure to designate that your donation is a targeted donation for Amy Arpan. (She will receive 100 percent of your donation.) Otherwise, your donation will be applied to the replenishment of the Denver Actors Fund’s general fund.

How you can help us replenish: At The Denver Actors Fund, we love it when the money goes out as fast as it comes in, which means we are in a constant state of replenishment. That’s the gig. If you would like to help us do that, simply mail checks in any amount made out to Denver Actors Fund to P.O. Box 11182, Denver, CO 80212. Or use this donation link.

A message from Amy Arpan and Chris Morrison: “Thank you, Denver Actors Fund, for looking out for those of us who choose to make our own way in the world of performing. To those of you who donate to it and to those of you who run it: Thank you for your generosity. Thank you for my health. Chris and I have never been more grateful.” (Read the full text below)

The Denver Actors Fund has now made more than $310,000 available to Colorado artists in medical need.

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