2023-2024 Season Announcement



FALL 23 - The Lower Depths Reading Series

The Lower Depths Series is an educational project that exposes student/artists to exciting new plays that challenge them to grow as performers.

Fall 2023 Readings:

October 13-14 @ 7:30pm

October 15 @ 3:00pm

October 27-28 @ 7:30pm

Nov 3-4 @ 7:30pm



God Help Them if We Wake Up

Written by Ann Mahoney with Gillian Shelly

Featuring Nadine Marissa from AMC's The Walking Dead

Music & Lyrics by John A. Mahoney & Ann Mahoney

Additional Music by Katerina Gimon

Directed by Ann Mahoney and Gillian Shelly

Music Direction by Flo E. Presti

Marquette Theater

Nov 9th-11th - 7:30pm

Nov 12th - 2pm

Nov 15th-18th - 7:30pm

One woman from each century has gone to sleep, exhausted from the loss of matriarchal power. The women await the arrival of The Catalyst, and her Oracle, to awaken them from sleep, and begin “The Great Rise.”

Hannah Green, a 46-year-old, newly divorced, "Z-List Celebrity" actress, sends out a tweet heard round the world, and then destroys all her electronics. Determined to leave her life behind, but without any true sense of faith, she accidentally wanders into “the veil”: a space where time moves very slowly.

The power of her social media post awakens the three original female tropes. We call them: the Divine Feminine. Assisted by ancient scribe Marcus (Mark from the Bible), The Divine Feminine move through “the veil” to Hannah, convincing her that she is, indeed, The Catalyst.

Meanwhile, the disappearance of Hannah Green has sparked a movement, where women around the world are organizing a wave of feminist rage. Hannah is presumed dead and 500,000 gather at her house for a memorial.

Hannah, The Goddesses, and the women know they must act immediately to begin the Great Rise.


This play contains themes of violence and death, references to sexual assault, sexually suggestive jokes, strong language, fatphobia, alcohol and drug use, loud and sudden noises, and bright, changing lights. 



The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Conceived by Rebecca Feldman

With Additional Material by Jay Reiss

Book by Rachel Sheinkin

Music & Lyrics by William Finn

Directed by Helen Jaksch

Marquette Theater

April 18-27 @ 7:30pm

Grab a D-I-C-T-I-O-N-A-R-Y and welcome to Spelling Bee! This heartfelt Tony-Award winning musical follows a group of wonderfully unique and impassioned adolescents as they compete for the bee championship. Featuring a thrilling score by William Finn, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee is a joyful night of comedy and quirk that celebrates the pursuit of victory and the gift of being true to oneself.