Entertainment Industry Studies (BA)

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An Innovative New Program

If you have a passion for the business of creating or entertaining that reaches beyond a single medium, Loyola's Bachelor of Arts in Entertainment Industry Studies is the perfect degree for you.

With the increasing impact of films, television shows, songs, live performances, apps, and video games, the entertainment industry is more vast, integrated, and interdependent than ever before.

This degree offers students a solid foundation in intellectual property issues, management, marketing, entrepreneurship, and other key concepts necessary to succeeding in today’s creative economy. Meanwhile, students will also have the flexibility to pursue multiple areas of interest within the cultural economy: music production, filmmaking, animation, design, creative writing, and more.

A Strong Academic Foundation

The Bachelor of Arts in Entertainment Industry Studies is built around many of the same core courses as Loyola’s renowned Music Industry Studies and Digital Filmmaking programs, with topics covering today’s music and film industries. In addition to these core courses, students can easily add a double-major or a minor in a more specific aspect of the entertainment industry, or even in other Loyola departments such as business or science.

Immerse Yourself in Entertainment

The Bachelor of Arts in Entertainment Industry Studies degree is designed to immerse you in the world of entertainment from your very first semester. With our state-of-the-art facilities, industry-recognized and award-winning faculty, and comprehensive curriculum, you’ll learn exactly how each component of the entertainment industry works - from management and legal issues to technology and distribution.

At a Glance

This Program

  • Total credit hours in degree: 120
  • Credit hours of entertainment business courses: 15
  • Credit hours of creative technology courses: 12
  • Credit hours of film/music studies courses: 9
  • Credit hours of open electives: 41
  • Credit hours of Loyola Core courses: 39
  • Available business minors: 6
  • Available communications minors: 3

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Our Department

  • Faculty Grammy® Awards: 6
  • Faculty Sundance® Awards: 1
  • Professional recording studios for student use: 4
  • Film production studios for student use: 2
  • iMac-based MIDI labs for student use: 1
  • Annual student House of Blues showcases: 2