Declare a Minor- College of Music & Media

These instructions are only for students in the College of Music & Media.

Use this information to either declare a Minor or to drop a Minor. Please note that all communication majors are required to add a minor. Note that you will be assigned a Minor Advisor once your minor is successfully added. The minor advisor is a faculty member from your minor department and is usually designated by the Department Chair. 

If you are a major in the College of Business or the College of Arts and Sciences, please check your College policies below
College of Business
College of Arts & Sciences

Adding/Dropping a Minor

1. Prepare an email: 

SUBJECT: First and Last name, CWID, Adding/Dropping, and the name of the Minor

For example: John Doe, ID#12345678 – Add a DESIGN Minor OR Jane Smith, ID#87654321 – Drop my DESIGN Minor

2. Send to:
Associate Dean Carmen Balthazar,
Director of Student Services, Laura Jayne,

3. Your new requirements will appear in your U-Achieve account, usually the next day.

You can access U-Achieve through your Single-Sign-On Portal.

4. Hard-copy Minor tracking sheets can be printed from the Bulletin:

Please note: Requirements may be different for students depending on what year they started at Loyola.

If you started at Loyola in 2019, go to the current Bulletin
If you started in an earlier year, visit the Bulletin Archives