Music faculty member's research celebrated by a concert.

A presentation concert in Kiel, Germany, on November 24 will celebrate recently published volumes of the Johannes Brahms Collected Edition (Johannes Brahms Gesamtausgabe), including a volume edited by Valerie Woodring Goertzen, Associate Professor of Music History and Literature. Goertzen's volume, her second contribution to the 65-volume series, presents a critical edition of Brahms's arrangements for piano solo of works of other composers and contains detailed information on compositional history, descriptions of all known manuscript and print sources, and extensive critical reports documenting variants in the sources and evidence of Brahms's compositional processes. The series will provide the groundwork for research on Brahms's music for years to come. Goertzen's research for the volume over the past five years was supported by the Edward J. Kvet Distinguished Professorship in Music and Fine Arts.