Cornelius Denson Jr.

Assistant Professor, Communication & Design

Cornelius Denson, Jr. is a graphic designer and educator who have worked on a broad array of collaborations with non-profits and academia organizations. Much of his work is focused toward solving problems for business organizations, and collaborating with them to develop better integrated branding communications.

As an educator, Cornelius is a strong advocate for helping guide students through mentorship and teaching. He integrates his extensive knowledge of design and experiences into the classroom, helping students develop useful design methodologies while also implementing intense research through formal explorations. These methods are implemented in a learning environment so students may gain opportunities to develop their problem-solving and visual storytelling skills.


In addition to his teaching duties, Denson will also be responsible with helping guide students within the Shawn M. Donnelley Center for Nonprofit Communications, a student-run agency in the School of Mass Communication. 

He received his Master of Fine Art in Graphic Design from the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) in 2013 and his Bachelor of Fine Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design from Mississippi State University.


Office Location:
307 Communications/Music Complex
Direct Phone: 
(504) 865-2216
E-mail Address: